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Fall Time Twin

We’ve seen a lot of this bear and his sibling over the last few years and a couple of weeks back I posted ‘How to Spend Summer‘ – a late spring/summer shot of the two […]


How To Spend Summer…

…Grizzly bear cub style! Here we see two old favourite cubs, brother and sister just hanging out and chilling in the summer sun on a bed of seaweed to help keep cool. These guys as […]


A Khutzeymateen Update

This is Big Momma – matriarch of the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast, photographed in the fall of 2018. Many of us have wondered what it has been like in the […]


The Day’s End

After a hard day’s work, out in that little boat watching grizzly bears (and other wildlife), it’s nice to be able to relax and watch the sun setting over the inlet. On the rare clear(ish) […]


Visitors For Lunch

Here’s a favourite mum and cub that we’ve seen a number of times here on the blog. Today they are having one of their favourite springtime meals – butter clams out on the mud flats […]


A Pause From Fishing

Here we see a female grizzly bear, one that I’ve seen several times, both with and without cubs (see The Sweeties), taking a pause and looking up from fishing on Mouse Creek in the Khutzeymateen […]


Getting A Better Look

By mid-June trying to see smaller bears, especially new born cubs in the long sedge along the BC coast is pretty difficult. The condition of the terrain does run both ways however and the young […]


Good To See Ya!

Bears all over BC are starting to fully wake up now and quite often some of the first grizzly bears we see down near the coast are males, particularly young males such as these two. […]


Shredding Salmon

If you’re going to eat salmon, why not take your time and enjoy it! That certainly looks to be what the Queen of the Khutz is doing her. She seems to have almost shredded her […]



Many of us, especially when we get to a certain age, will sometimes find ourselves doing something that suddenly makes us stop and think about someone, quite often someone we’ve lost or miss very much. […]


Grizzly Family Photo

So, following on from the feature ‘Lunch on the Mud’ here’s the same family posing for photos soon after finishing their meal. Mum of course is more concerned about checking her route to continue along […]


Another Khutz Postcard

As always over the winter, I’ve been catching up on some of the back log of images that I have waiting in line to be dealt with. Here’s one I did recently from 2016 and […]