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Baby Breach

Following on from the two images last month in Humpback Hugs, here’s another shot from that great day out along the BC coast. With her pec fin high out of the water, it is almost […]


Humpback Hugs

I was treated to my first day out on the water last week and had a pretty good encounter with a mother humpback whale and her calf. Both whales were quite active with mom breaching […]


Maui Visitors

Visiting Maui in the near future? If so, you’re in for a treat – these big guys, the humpback whales have just started returning for their ‘fun in the sun’. Researchers at the Pacific Whale […]


Humpback Fluke – Head On

I have a lot of popular shots of humpback whales diving, usually from behind (see Humpback Dive for example) but rarely do I get the opportunity of photographing one full frame from directly in front of […]


Humpback Surprise

Orca weren’t the only surprise visitors to the Khutzeymateen back in August (see ‘Surprise Visitors’), we also had a visit from a humpback whale on a couple of occasions too. Unlike the orca, the whales […]



Here’s something we haven’t featured for a while – a humpback whale enjoying the waters off Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. I managed to capture this ‘postcard’ shot of a whale welcoming you to Maui […]


Blowing Ballast

Whilst on a recent trip to the Caribbean, this humpback whale surfaced close to the boat I was on. At the time the whale reminded me of an old submarine in a war movie – […]


Friday Flashback – Twin Flukes

Today’s Friday Flashback is from July 2nd 2012 and features a humpback whale mum and her calf diving in sequence. I featured this shot on a card last year and a gentleman bought it in […]


Coastal Moon

We began the month with a double header taken in central British Columbia of a golden sunrise (see Kitwanga Sunrise) – so I thought a moonrise from the BC coast might be a good way to end […]


Friday Flashback – Learning to Dive

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 9th 2012 – A shot of mother and calf humpback whales diving together, taken in Maui earlier that year. The size comparison still amazes me. (As always click image […]


Breaching Humpback

A breaching whale is a spectacular sight to see and a humpback whale breach seems to be one of the most spectacular and entertaining. This whale was photographed in Favourite Channel, SE Alaska and at the time […]


Underwater Humpback

Just back from a short trip in the Caribbean. Whilst there I got the opportunity amongst other things to do some snorkelling about 100 miles or so offshore. The area we were in was a […]