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Maui Visitors

Visiting Maui in the near future? If so, you’re in for a treat – these big guys, the humpback whales have just started returning for their ‘fun in the sun’. Researchers at the Pacific Whale […]


Humpback Fluke – Head On

I have a lot of popular shots of humpback whales diving, usually from behind (see Humpback Dive for example) but rarely do I get the opportunity of photographing one full frame from directly in front of […]


Humpback Surprise

Orca weren’t the only surprise visitors to the Khutzeymateen back in August (see ‘Surprise Visitors’), we also had a visit from a humpback whale on a couple of occasions too. Unlike the orca, the whales […]



Here’s something we haven’t featured for a while – a humpback whale enjoying the waters off Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. I managed to capture this ‘postcard’ shot of a whale welcoming you to Maui […]


Blowing Ballast

Whilst on a recent trip to the Caribbean, this humpback whale surfaced close to the boat I was on. At the time the whale reminded me of an old submarine in a war movie – […]


Friday Flashback – Twin Flukes

Today’s Friday Flashback is from July 2nd 2012 and features a humpback whale mum and her calf diving in sequence. I featured this shot on a card last year and a gentleman bought it in […]


Coastal Moon

We began the month with a double header taken in central British Columbia of a golden sunrise (see Kitwanga Sunrise) – so I thought a moonrise from the BC coast might be a good way to end […]


Friday Flashback – Learning to Dive

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 9th 2012 – A shot of mother and calf humpback whales diving together, taken in Maui earlier that year. The size comparison still amazes me. (As always click image […]


Breaching Humpback

A breaching whale is a spectacular sight to see and a humpback whale breach seems to be one of the most spectacular and entertaining. This whale was photographed in Favourite Channel, SE Alaska and at the time […]


Underwater Humpback

Just back from a short trip in the Caribbean. Whilst there I got the opportunity amongst other things to do some snorkelling about 100 miles or so offshore. The area we were in was a […]


Bubble Netters II

  I first published a shot from this very special event back in the summer of 2014, not long after I had been fortunate to witness it. Bubble net feeding humpbacks only come together and do […]


First Pec of the Year

  This is the ‘tiny’ right pectoral fin of a newborn Humpback Whale calf, photographed last week down in Mexico and you can also see it’s body pleats and the tip of the head is […]