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Mussel Muncher

I came across this little guy with his mother and siblings feeding down on a beach at low tide one day here on the BC coast. Seeing bears – particularly young bears – eating shellfish, […]


Handsome 2

This handsome young grizzly bear cub had only been weaned by his mother a few days prior to this shot, but from his expression and reaction we can see he had already learnt one of […]


Unique Momma

Here’s our third different triple grizzly cubs family in a row. This mom, a pretty unique mum in her own right, managed a rarely seen event in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the […]


Family Swim

I really enjoy watching bears swimming when I can (Swimming Lesson) and here we see a grizzly bear mom and her three cubs out swimming across an estuary. This was no leisurely or fun swim […]


Exciting Time of Year

Mid to late June is often an exciting and yet worrying time of year in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary on the northern BC coast. It’s exciting because this is the time the moms with […]


Stuck in the Mud

Although this tiny grizzly bear cub of the year looks as though he was stuck in the mud, he was actually out with his mother digging clams (see also Thanks Mum). You or I would […]


He Sticks Like Glue!

Here’s a shot of a grizzly bear mum (Queen of the Khutz) and her yearling cub just waking up one day in June last year. The cub is affectionately known by some as ‘velcro’ because […]


In Cold Water

In Cold Water Brrrrr, makes you feel cold just looking at it! A young ‘golden’ looking grizzly bear cub follows its mother up a fast flowing river in search of salmon during the fall here […]


I’m A Boy!

Quite often it can take us a long time to identify if a cub is a male or a female, it can take many hours of watching them before you know for sure. Only this […]


The Next Generation

For those who remember the print/blog ‘Thanks Mum’ featuring a grizzly bear cub of the year appearing to kiss his mom and the subsequent posts of the little guy (Who’s Coming and Resting Mum & […]


Little Prince

For those who remember ‘Update on the Queen‘ and ‘Lunch on the Mud‘ from earlier in the year, well this is one of those tiny grizzly bear cubs one year later. Sadly he is the […]


Always Learning

I’m just back from a long stint back in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast. It’s been a pretty good season so far with many old favourites and a few new […]