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The Lookout

Here is a grizzly bear cub of the year seen on the BC coast keeping lookout whilst its mum and sibling are searching the bushes behind for berries. Taken in early August, it was right […]


Yep, You Need A Filling!

This is one of those shots that just screams out for a caption to be added! I came across these two young grizzly bear cubs of the year in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary on […]


Friday Flashback – Swimming Cubs

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 13th July 2015 and is entitled ‘Swimming Cubs’. Two yearling cubs that I remember were down on the estuary in the Khutzeymateen with their mum a little bit earlier than […]


Friday Flashback – On Guard!

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 27th February 2015 and is entitled ‘On Guard!’. I still have a close up of this brave little guys mom (see Queen of Pack Creek) on my studio wall and […]


The Chase Is On

Whenever grizzly bear moms are out fishing with their new cubs it is always a chase between the youngsters as to who can get to mum first. Sometimes, mum takes off for the riverbank pretty […]


Scaredy Bears

This pair of grizzly bear cubs were extremely apprehensive about crossing the fast running Mouse Creek in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary on this particular morning. Mom and another cub had crossed several minutes before […]


Friday Flashback – Beachcomber

Today’s Friday Flashback is from June 16th 2014 and is entitled ‘Beachcomber‘ – a young bear cub out searching for morsels of food amongst the debris of a low tide here on the BC coast. […]


Drinking Cub

Today’s shot takes you right in for an eye to eye shot as a young grizzly bear takes a drink of water. If you can manage to see his eyes, you’ll notice his right is […]


Friday Flashback – Fish Fight

Today’s Friday Flashback is from January 31st 2014 and is entitled ‘Fish Fight‘ – two young grizzly cubs slugging it out over a piece of salmon. Original Text – “Taken on a river here on the […]


Grizzly Cub Portrait

I thought we’d kick off the new year with a young grizzly bear cub of the year photographed one late June day in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast. Although enjoying […]


How To Spend Summer…

…Grizzly bear cub style! Here we see two old favourite cubs, brother and sister just hanging out and chilling in the summer sun on a bed of seaweed to help keep cool. These guys as […]


Butt Guard

Here we see a young grizzly bear cub photographed here on the BC coast whilst vigilantly guarding his mom’s back end. Whilst she’s checking the river out for salmon and other bears, this little guy […]