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Mussel Muncher

I came across this little guy with his mother and siblings feeding down on a beach at low tide one day here on the BC coast. Seeing bears – particularly young bears – eating shellfish, […]


Manicure Please

I came across this young grizzly bear in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast whilst he was taking a breather while crossing a small channel in between two grassy knolls. He […]



Here’s a grizzly bear we used to see at a coastal fishing hole quite regularly and who became affectionately known as ‘Jaws’. As you can see from this shot, his lower gum line around his […]


Queen on the Move

Today we have an old favourite grizzly bear from the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast – the Queen of the Khutz, spotted as she was just about to cross a channel […]


Little Tough Guy

Remember ‘Log Shake’ from July 2018? That was the frame before this one and here we see the same young grizzly bear checking us out just before he reached the end of his log bridge […]


The Salmon Watcher

Here we see a beautiful looking female grizzly bear who’s winter coat is sprouting with a nice two-tone colouration. This bear was photographed as she watched salmon making their way up stream on a river […]


How About A Belly Rub?

If you’re a dog lover or dog owner like me, you’ll recognize this pose and can probably understand just how tempting this was to pop over and give his belly a big rub! Those that […]


Mum In A Spin

A recently edited shot from SE Alaska taken a few years back – two cubs of the year watch on as their mom lifts her head and shakes to spin off the water residue after […]


Handsome 2

This handsome young grizzly bear cub had only been weaned by his mother a few days prior to this shot, but from his expression and reaction we can see he had already learnt one of […]


Bella in the Bush

One of my most popular prints has been the photograph titled ‘Tree Hugger‘. Taken several years ago now, it features a young female grizzly bear looking out across a river here on the BC coast. […]


A Lucky Catch?

Unlike Friday’s black bear, this young female grizzly bear didn’t come up empty when she went fishing on a river here on the BC coast a week or so back. This bear managed to grab […]


Summertime Dilemmas

When the sedge is getting tough, there’s no clams popping and the salmon are not yet running, there’s only one thing left to do – sleep! This young grizzly bear show’s his sister how it’s […]