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Emerging From The Den

Back to the spring from earlier this year and here’s a shot of the red fox mother (see Fox Mum and Kit) emerging from the den – heading out to forage for some more food […]


Fox Family Moment

Here’s a shot from my fox trip back in the spring showing a tender moment between a red fox mom and her two kits whilst they rest out on the moors. Of course the kits […]


Fox Kits at Play

One of the things I love to watch when I’m out in the bush with wildlife is the youngsters, the newborns of that particular year playing and enjoying their first few weeks of life. When […]


Black Vixen

I came across this beautiful looking black coloured red fox vixen on my recent fox field trip and was amazed at how thick her tail, known as a ‘brush’ was. Foxes will use their brush […]


Fox Mum and Kit

Having just emerged from the den amongst a smattering of tiny pink flowers, this good looking red fox mum and her young kit check out their surroundings before heading out to search the nearby environment […]


Please Mum

Here’s another springtime shot from my recent field trip away – a red fox mom and her young kit. A gentle moment between mum and her baby, but I think the kit is assessing it’s […]


Red Kits at Play

I’m just back from my first field trip of the year – photographing foxes, mums and kits around their den sites. Here we see a couple of red fox kits wrestling and tumbling just over […]


Fox on the Move

Photographed in Yellowstone back in February 2016, this red fox was seen heading down a hillside and checking ahead of itself whilst out looking for voles. It had a good go at catching something a […]


Are You Following Me?

Photographed earlier this year, a red fox in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, looks back at me with a very quizzical look on his face as I photographed him – almost as if asking me if I […]


Fox on the Rocks

Dog lovers will instantly smile and recognize this type of resting canid activity. This is a red fox, photographed in Yellowstone National Park down in the US back in February. This fox had been spotted […]