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Don’t Mess With Me!

This stoic looking juvenile bald eagle perched on a stump in the middle of the river really does seem to have a ‘don’t mess with me’ look about it. As I’ve said before, juvenile eagles […]


In The Midst of the Action

Last weeks whale trip also gave me the opportunity to return back to Stuart Island here on the BC coast in what is now almost becoming an annual pilgrimage to ‘Eagle Heaven’. Once again there […]


Waiting For Breakfast

Dog lovers everywhere will recognize the look on this eaglets face as he watches his father prepare a fish for breakfast. I managed to return to a favourite nest site here on the BC coast […]


Eagle – Locked On

Similar to the shot of the eagle in the air brakes post were it swung back around to reset in mid air and swoop down to grab a fish it had seen whilst flying past, […]


Young Bully

Here’s our first eagle shot of the year – I’d been sitting watching this adult bald eagle with a piece of fish, when out of nowhere appeared the juvenile eagle seen here on the ground. […]


Treetop Eagle

As you may recall from the June post ‘Eagle Family Portrait’, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend that particular day watching this male bald eagle and his partner at their nest site […]


Air Brakes

I was watching this bald eagle out hoping to do some fishing, when he suddenly swung around and dropped his legs and talons like the under carriage of an aircraft and came swooping in hoping […]


November 2020

So, with November 2019 just around the corner now, why not take a look forward to November 2020! We still have a few ‘A Wild Year’ 2020 calendars available in stock and the image for […]


Eagle and Sitka

Although looking a little dirty, this adult eagle was still a nice sight to see. I came across him as he flew up from a beach here on the BC coast and tracked him as […]


Eagle Heaven

To an eagle lover like me this special location on the BC coast can easily be renamed ‘Eagle Heaven’. I don’t know if you can appreciate from this shot alone the number of eagles that […]


Eagle Family Portrait

I’ve often said ‘I could spend all day watching eagles’ and on a recent field trip I got to do just that. I spent a day sitting on a cliff top here on the BC […]


Arch Enemies

Eagles and crows certainly have a ‘love/hate’ relationship. I’ve often seen crows harassing their much larger foe for nothing more than flying past them in a tree. Crows will also raid any unattended eggs left […]