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Queen on the Move

Today we have an old favourite grizzly bear from the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast – the Queen of the Khutz, spotted as she was just about to cross a channel […]


Treetop Eagle

As you may recall from the June post ‘Eagle Family Portrait’, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend that particular day watching this male bald eagle and his partner at their nest site […]



Populations of Harlequin Ducks, (Histrionicus histrionicus) are quite strong here on the West coast, but over on the Atlantic side of the country numbers have fallen quite significantly over recent years. Remaining populations on both […]


The Salmon Watcher

Here we see a beautiful looking female grizzly bear who’s winter coat is sprouting with a nice two-tone colouration. This bear was photographed as she watched salmon making their way up stream on a river […]


Mink Watching For Dinner

This little guy was on the look out for a tasty morsel in the low-tide shallows along the edge of an inlet here on the BC coast. Many people I speak with tell me how […]


Spirit Bear and Chum

This male spirit bear spent quite some time out on the river on this particular morning catching himself two or three chum salmon whilst we were watching. (See also ‘Searching For Salmon’). He wasn’t phased […]


What A Great Surprise!

Whilst out on a boat west of Prince Rupert one day, we spotted a load of different sea birds, including rhinoceros auklets and various gulls having a field day on a ‘bait ball’ – a […]


Redcap Mountain

High in the coastal mountains of the northern British Columbia coast, overlooking the Khutzeymateen Valley with great majesty, is Redcap Mountain, (not to be confused with Redcap Mountain, Alberta). I have seen and photographed this […]


Wetlook Heron

I see these large birds up and down the BC coast all the time and always find myself staring over at them to watch what they’re up to. But it has been a little over […]


Bella in the Bush

One of my most popular prints has been the photograph titled ‘Tree Hugger‘. Taken several years ago now, it features a young female grizzly bear looking out across a river here on the BC coast. […]


November 2020

So, with November 2019 just around the corner now, why not take a look forward to November 2020! We still have a few ‘A Wild Year’ 2020 calendars available in stock and the image for […]


A Lucky Catch?

Unlike Friday’s black bear, this young female grizzly bear didn’t come up empty when she went fishing on a river here on the BC coast a week or so back. This bear managed to grab […]