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Thayer’s Gull

This picture of a Thayer’s Gull (Larus thayeri) was taken on the BC coast during the herring spawn in early March one year. To many it’s ‘just a gull’ shot I know, but what I […]


Sitting on the Falls

Having some time on my hands over the winter recently, gave me the opportunity to re-visit many files from my back catalogue of images and here’s an old shot of a young grizzly bear who […]


Rootball Spirit

We’ve seen this spirit bear mom (and her black cub) on a few occasions since I took this series of shots in the Great Bear Rainforest back in 2011. This image never got selected or […]


Still Learning!

I’m not sure if that’s an accusatory look or an embarrassed look, either way this young grizzly bear had just lost himself a slippery pink salmon (you can just see the fish’s tail disappearing under […]


Brandt’s Cormorant

Having worked on and around the worlds oceans for over forty years I’ve seen a very large number of the 37 different species of cormorant that exist. At first glance they are just a pretty […]


Fishing Momma

For most this is as close to standing in the river with a feeding grizzly bear as you’d want to get! Poised ready, with her back foot hard against a rock for leverage, this momma […]


The Lookout

Here is a grizzly bear cub of the year seen on the BC coast keeping lookout whilst its mum and sibling are searching the bushes behind for berries. Taken in early August, it was right […]


A Snowy Looks Up

Here’s a shot of a snowy owl taken one winter on the BC coast as it looks up at another owl flying overhead. I learnt an interesting fact about owls recently, in that an owl’s […]


Grizzly Watching

We’d been stood at the end of a trail on the BC coast watching this female grizzly bear fishing and feeding for quite some time. She would catch a salmon or dig out a carcass […]


Coastal Momma

Here’s a momma grizzly bear giving us the eye. She’s a bear of the BC coast that I know well and that little cub just in shot is one of the third set of cubs […]


Kermode Bear

I haven’t been fortunate enough to get out and see any spirit bears for a while now and this is a shot from ten years ago that never got processed. I have published a couple […]


Fast Asleep on Larch Creek

Here’s a nice scenic shot taken from Larch Creek in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast, but what else do you see? Quietly wander in a little bit farther and ‘BOOM’ […]