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The Eyes Have It!

One of the key components of wildlife photography is ‘the eyes’ of the animal. In the majority of cases getting the eyes in sharp focus and ‘eye’deally with a ‘catch light’ in them is the […]


A Floating Rock!

Who says rocks can’t float? This rock certainly had the appearance that it was ‘floating’ on the surface of the water. In reality the rock had been embedded in a large chunk of ice that […]


Mum In A Spin

A recently edited shot from SE Alaska taken a few years back – two cubs of the year watch on as their mom lifts her head and shakes to spin off the water residue after […]


Let’s Go Kids

A mother grizzly bear grabs her cubs as if to say ‘let’s go kids’ and heads away from a river when she becomes spooked by an emerging bear from the forest on the opposite bank (See also […]


Bubble Netters II

  I first published a shot from this very special event back in the summer of 2014, not long after I had been fortunate to witness it. Bubble net feeding humpbacks only come together and do […]


Which Way Now?

Here is another young grizzly bear family, photographed a couple of years back now. This mom had brought her two young cubs of the year down on to a coastal creek in search of the […]


Rainbow Blows

Here is a shot from last summer of three or four humpback whales on fast passage to a feeding ground off Juneau, SE Alaska, (see also bubble netters). The whales were reacting to the call […]


Queen of Pack Creek

Click to Enlarge Image This beautiful looking grizzly bear was very much the senior female we saw on a visit to Pack Creek on Admiralty Island in SE Alaska recently. She had two young cubs […]