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How Many Cubs?

I’m often asked how many cubs can a grizzly bear have – well the answer is four. A mother grizzly bear, as shown so amply here by the Queen of the Khutzeymateen,  has six teats […]


Yellowstone Traffic Jam

The parks service contractors in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming do a great job in the winter of keeping the north side roads cleared and as a motorist passing through you might think it’s just for […]


Can I Play Mum?

A year after he was weaned, Junior’s mum, Big Momma, returned to the Khutzeymateen with two new cubs – a male and a beautiful blonde female, later named Honey. For Junior his bewilderment at being […]


Fireside Coyote

Today we see a coyote sitting in the snow a few feet away from a river in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. But if you sink your mind or more so your imagination in to […]


Transient Matriarch

Sadly I haven’t managed to get out and see any orca here on the BC coast this year, although I did have a great day out with some breaching humpbacks back in July. This is […]


And Today’s Lesson Is…

…How to dig clams! This shot reminds me of a teacher or in this case a grizzly bear mum giving the kids a lesson in something, which on this particular day was clam digging. The […]


The Death Stare

Fall in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast and this spectacular looking male grizzly is throwing us a death stare, just in case we were thinking of going over to fish […]


Spruce Grouse

Photographed on a trail whilst out hiking one day, this Spruce Grouse (Falcipennis canadensis) was giving me the eye before quietly waddling off under the near by salal and in to hiding. Spruce grouse are […]


Old Timer…

… With a story to tell! This shot of a favourite old spirit bear never got used way back when I first took it, primarily because of the body composure of the bear, it was […]


Fall Time Twin

We’ve seen a lot of this bear and his sibling over the last few years and a couple of weeks back I posted ‘How to Spend Summer‘ – a late spring/summer shot of the two […]


Black Turnstones

Here’s a bird often seen more on the shores of the outer BC coast than the inner estuaries and inlets. I came across these guys in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, just a […]


Fall Favourite

Here’s one of my favourite fall in the Great Bear Rainforest shots – one I find myself regularly looking at at this time of year. Artistically, it reminds me of a scenic water colour depicting […]