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Blue Tooth

A lot of sea ice and some smally icebergs arrived inshore in Newfoundland (see below) these past few days and here’s a growler (a small chunk of iceberg) that had broken off and was floating […]


Mink Portrait

This is a shot from a few years back which I never used at the time due to the background and framing. I had been sat waiting to head out on a boat trip at […]


Chasing The Boys

Here we see our old favourite grizzly bear the ‘Queen of the Khutz’ photographed last spring. Now normally at this time of year, it’s the males that are chasing around after the eligible females, but […]


Eagles and Ducks

This is one of those ‘Quick while they’re not looking’ storyline shots. It’s as if the eagles are posing nicely for an engagement photograph and whilst they’re watching the camera the ducks (scaups and bufflehead) […]


Thayer’s Gull

This picture of a Thayer’s Gull (Larus thayeri) was taken on the BC coast during the herring spawn in early March one year. To many it’s ‘just a gull’ shot I know, but what I […]


Welcome to the Great Bear Rainforest

Here’s another fall shot I took a few years ago of pretty female grizzly bear right in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. We came around a bend in the river and there she […]


Candlestick Plant

Candlestick plant is just one of several colloquial names for this plant, which is officially known as ‘Common Mullein’ (Verbascum thapsus). This is another plant I found around Vaseux Lake in BC last year. A […]


Sitting on the Falls

Having some time on my hands over the winter recently, gave me the opportunity to re-visit many files from my back catalogue of images and here’s an old shot of a young grizzly bear who […]


White-fronted Geese

Here in North America we only have the Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons), (seen above, photographed in Tofino, BC), which is also found in some parts of Western Europe along with it’s slightly smaller European […]


Rootball Spirit

We’ve seen this spirit bear mom (and her black cub) on a few occasions since I took this series of shots in the Great Bear Rainforest back in 2011. This image never got selected or […]


Red-necked Phalarope

In the summer these members of the sandpiper family are an attractive tawny colour with a dazzling ginger-red neck, but by mid-August their colouration starts to revert to grey and white and they lose their […]


Lions Mane

When you think of ocean predators what jumps to mind? Sharks, killer whales, maybe even tuna or other large fish perhaps? But would you think of a jelly fish? Well, the Lions Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea […]