Fishing – Coastal Wolf Style

This is a great series of shots of this coastal grey wolf fishing. Starting with the image of him ‘pointing’ at the water as he hones his senses ready to catch a salmon. I love […]


Coastal Momma

Here’s a momma grizzly bear giving us the eye. She’s a bear of the BC coast that I know well and that little cub just in shot is one of the third set of cubs […]


Wet-look Eagle

It’s been a while since we featured a bald eagle, but this shot stood out recently and with the autumnal weather (rain) we’re now seeing it seemed quite appropriate. I just love the ‘fresh out […]


Kermode Bear

I haven’t been fortunate enough to get out and see any spirit bears for a while now and this is a shot from ten years ago that never got processed. I have published a couple […]


Southern Giant Petrel

Whilst searching for something through my archives recently, I found myself looking back at a series of images that I have which are from my film days, taken when I was down in the South […]



Back in 2018 I watched this bear one day as he swam across the Khutzeymateen inlet and disappeared at quite a pace off to the west. I didn’t see him again for about two weeks, […]


Red Poppy



Bittersweet Nightshade

This attractive purple perennial – Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) – was found on the shores of Vaseux Lake in the Okanagan Valley of BC back in August. Although pretty to look at, this ‘day lily’ […]


River Float

After a fruitless search for salmon (see No Salmon) an adult male grizzly bear lets the current take him down river to continue his search. As he floats by he gives us a quizzical look […]


End of the Month!

As the sun gets close to setting on another month, I thought I’d bring you another shot of the sun setting in the Khutzeymateen. Timed much later in the evening than in October of course, […]


Egret Landing

There was a little excitement amongst the birdwatchers of Newfoundland last weekend when there was a couple of Great Egret (Ardea alba) sightings around the South East coastline. These birds are not traditionally seen on […]


A Stunning Blond II

Back in 2017 the Khutzeymateen matriarch ‘Big Momma’ had two cubs (see Family Portrait) and by the fall the female had developed a beautiful two-tone blond/dark coat (see Stunning Blond). Sadly the male cub didn’t […]