Hi Mom, I’m Home!

Sometimes the kids just never want a leave home! This juvenile bald eagle was regularly flying around the eagle nest I visited back in the spring (see Waiting For Breakfast). The parents at the nest […]


Barred Owl 2

We hear them often, but rarely get to see the barred owls that like to hang around our tiny part of Vancouver Island here on the BC coast. This guy was sat in a tree […]


Black Kit Portrait

This portrait shot of a black morph red fox kit was taken last year and I was lucky enough to be able to grab the shot whilst it was taking a breather – in between […]


Alopecia Eagle

Here we have a bald headed eagle – literally! This guy, spotted at ‘Eagle Heaven’ last spring appears to be showing symptoms of alopecia, feather loss. This is not necessarily an unheard of sight in […]


The Snow Plough

With snow churning up ahead of him, a male moose ploughs his way through the snow in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. I had been watching two male moose hanging out together […]


The Queen Swimming By

I was watching the Queen of the Khutzeymateen feeding out on a grassy knoll one day when she decided she was going to head back to the main shore. She just entered the water and […]


Fish Head Rock

So, what do you see? Do you just see a rock? This is another great example of ‘natural art’. From looking at the image straight on, tilt your head 20 degrees or so to the […]


Resting Bighorn

Resting on a snowy hillside in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming this Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep eyeballs us looking up from below. He was sat along with several other males, but this guy by far had […]


How Many Cubs?

I’m often asked how many cubs can a grizzly bear have – well the answer is four. A mother grizzly bear, as shown so amply here by the Queen of the Khutzeymateen,  has six teats […]


Yellowstone Traffic Jam

The parks service contractors in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming do a great job in the winter of keeping the north side roads cleared and as a motorist passing through you might think it’s just for […]


Can I Play Mum?

A year after he was weaned, Junior’s mum, Big Momma, returned to the Khutzeymateen with two new cubs – a male and a beautiful blonde female, later named Honey. For Junior his bewilderment at being […]


Fireside Coyote

Today we see a coyote sitting in the snow a few feet away from a river in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. But if you sink your mind or more so your imagination in to […]