Young Bucks

I was surprised when I spotted these two young male Columbian black-tailed deer hanging out on a remote beach here on Vancouver Island one day. I was even more surprised that they looked and behaved […]


Stuck in the Mud

Although this tiny grizzly bear cub of the year looks as though he was stuck in the mud, he was actually out with his mother digging clams (see also Thanks Mum). You or I would […]


The Most Photographed

When I think about it, there are many iconic visions of nature around the world that are photographed time and time again – Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley being just a few examples. […]


Black Vixen

I came across this beautiful looking black coloured red fox vixen on my recent fox field trip and was amazed at how thick her tail, known as a ‘brush’ was. Foxes will use their brush […]


He Sticks Like Glue!

Here’s a shot of a grizzly bear mum (Queen of the Khutz) and her yearling cub just waking up one day in June last year. The cub is affectionately known by some as ‘velcro’ because […]


Biggs Killer Whale – T075A

I finally managed to get out on the water last week and bumped straight in to a pod of Biggs Killer Whales (Orca) known as the T75’s. This particular pod, now numbering six orca, are […]


Khutz Star Seen Again!

For those who occasionally ask for a regular update of an old favourite, here’s some news. Other than a ‘possible’ from someone else’s photograph, I didn’t have a confirmed sighting of Star at all last […]


Fairy Slipper

I first came across one of these eleven or twelve years ago and although considered fairly common and despite numerous efforts to find some, I have only found them on two other occasions since, including […]


Eagle Family Portrait

I’ve often said ‘I could spend all day watching eagles’ and on a recent field trip I got to do just that. I spent a day sitting on a cliff top here on the BC […]


The Art of Fishing…

…Black Bear style 2. Here’s a nice tight close-up of a black bear with a hint of cinnamon about him at the precise moment he pulls himself a nice looking pink salmon from the river. […]


Sleeping in the Bush

One day out in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast I came across this young sub-adult grizzly bear fast asleep in the bush – conveniently using an old, moss covered stump […]


Fox Mum and Kit

Having just emerged from the den amongst a smattering of tiny pink flowers, this good looking red fox mum and her young kit check out their surroundings before heading out to search the nearby environment […]