Populations of Harlequin Ducks, (Histrionicus histrionicus) are quite strong here on the West coast, but over on the Atlantic side of the country numbers have fallen quite significantly over recent years. Remaining populations on both […]


The Salmon Watcher

Here we see a beautiful looking female grizzly bear who’s winter coat is sprouting with a nice two-tone colouration. This bear was photographed as she watched salmon making their way up stream on a river […]


Emerging From The Den

Back to the spring from earlier this year and here’s a shot of the red fox mother (see Fox Mum and Kit) emerging from the den – heading out to forage for some more food […]


Maui Visitors

Visiting Maui in the near future? If so, you’re in for a treat – these big guys, the humpback whales have just started returning for their ‘fun in the sun’. Researchers at the Pacific Whale […]


Mink Watching For Dinner

This little guy was on the look out for a tasty morsel in the low-tide shallows along the edge of an inlet here on the BC coast. Many people I speak with tell me how […]


How About A Belly Rub?

If you’re a dog lover or dog owner like me, you’ll recognize this pose and can probably understand just how tempting this was to pop over and give his belly a big rub! Those that […]


Spirit Bear and Chum

This male spirit bear spent quite some time out on the river on this particular morning catching himself two or three chum salmon whilst we were watching. (See also ‘Searching For Salmon’). He wasn’t phased […]


Air Brakes

I was watching this bald eagle out hoping to do some fishing, when he suddenly swung around and dropped his legs and talons like the under carriage of an aircraft and came swooping in hoping […]


What A Great Surprise!

Whilst out on a boat west of Prince Rupert one day, we spotted a load of different sea birds, including rhinoceros auklets and various gulls having a field day on a ‘bait ball’ – a […]


Mum In A Spin

A recently edited shot from SE Alaska taken a few years back – two cubs of the year watch on as their mom lifts her head and shakes to spin off the water residue after […]


Redcap Mountain

High in the coastal mountains of the northern British Columbia coast, overlooking the Khutzeymateen Valley with great majesty, is Redcap Mountain, (not to be confused with Redcap Mountain, Alberta). I have seen and photographed this […]


Handsome 2

This handsome young grizzly bear cub had only been weaned by his mother a few days prior to this shot, but from his expression and reaction we can see he had already learnt one of […]