Lots of bears around British Columbia will already have emerged from their winter dens and some will have already started to arrive down on the coast. With last winter being so mild, there were even […]


Garter Snake Portrait

Well, I didn’t have to travel far in to the field to find this guy – he was just in my back garden when I arrived home last week. It was a lovely warm spring […]


Red Kits at Play

I’m just back from my first field trip of the year – photographing foxes, mums and kits around their den sites. Here we see a couple of red fox kits wrestling and tumbling just over […]


Arch Enemies

Eagles and crows certainly have a ‘love/hate’ relationship. I’ve often seen crows harassing their much larger foe for nothing more than flying past them in a tree. Crows will also raid any unattended eggs left […]



All across coastal British Columbia right now lots of important little pink flowers are popping out to enjoy the spring sun. In many parts of the coast the flowers quite often herald the arrival of […]


Quill Bear

Quill Bear Every now and then a grizzly bear, especially a young grizzly bear will stick its nose somewhere it’s not supposed to. That’s what’s happened to this juvenile grizzly bear late last summer. If […]


In Cold Water

In Cold Water Brrrrr, makes you feel cold just looking at it! A young ‘golden’ looking grizzly bear cub follows its mother up a fast flowing river in search of salmon during the fall here […]


The Look

Photographed here on the BC coast a little while back, this black bear, surrounded by salmon carcasses, is looking rather protective of her chum salmon supper. Of course she had absolutely nothing to worry about […]


River Walker

River Walker Alert and watching for any sudden moves from me on the riverbank, this young sub-adult grizzly bear makes his way along a river in northern BC, searching for salmon making their way upstream […]


Green Iguana

Green Iguana Looking rather stoic, this green iguana was found adjacent to a local marina down in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico a couple of years back. (see also ‘Iguana’). The large ‘blob’ like looking lumps […]


Myra Falls

Myra Falls Surrounded by Douglas-fir, western hemlock and red cedar amongst others, Myra creek on Vancouver Island plunges almost 70 metres down three tiers of basalt and limestone falls to meet Buttle Lake. These falls […]


JJ Resting

Sometimes you’ve just got to sleep where you fall! I’ve seen several grizzly bears sleeping precariously on logs and large boulders over the years and it always intrigues me and makes be smile and just […]