Camouflaged Wolf

Here we see a wolf photographed here on the BC coast one May morning a couple of years back. I love this shot as a brilliant example of how the colourization of the coastal wolves […]


Friday Flashback – Mountain Goats

Today’s Friday Flashback is from April 4th 2014 and is entitled ‘Mountain Goats‘. Always seem to be scruffy looking characters, but nevertheless quite intriguing and often only seen as tiny white dots high on a […]


The Queen’s Stare

A little over a year ago I published the post ‘They Eyes Have It!’ explaining one of the key principles of wildlife photography but also telling how staring into the eyes of such a majestic […]


Friday Flashback – Red Breasted Nuthatch

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 28th 2014 and is entitled ‘Red Breasted Nuthatch‘. A stunning little visitor you can see in your garden here on the BC coast, especially right now with food hard […]


Lorquin’s Admiral

The Lorquin’’s Admiral (Limenitis lorquini) is a slightly smaller ‘Admiral’ butterfly with a wingspan averaging 5 – 7cm that can be found here on the southern coast of British Columbia between June and August. Although […]


Friday Flashback – The King’s Head

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 14, 2014 and is entitled ‘The King’s Head‘ – a king of the Khutzeymateen out for his morning swim! Original Text: “This is one of my favourite shots from […]


Red-naped Sapsucker

Woodpeckers! I don’t know what it is that has always amazed me about woodpeckers, but I’ve always found myself attracted to them. Maybe it was that crazy cartoon character ‘Woody’ that I used to see […]


Friday Flashback – Young Marten

Today’s Friday Flashback is from January 27th 2014 and is entitled ‘Young Marten‘ – a young pink salmon pirate making away with some tasty tidbits! Original Text – “Here is a shot of a young […]


Drinking Cub

Today’s shot takes you right in for an eye to eye shot as a young grizzly bear takes a drink of water. If you can manage to see his eyes, you’ll notice his right is […]


Friday Flashback – Fish Fight

Today’s Friday Flashback is from January 31st 2014 and is entitled ‘Fish Fight‘ – two young grizzly cubs slugging it out over a piece of salmon. Original Text – “Taken on a river here on the […]


Lake Windermere

We have some fantastic lakes here in British Columbia, some could almost be called inland seas they are so large and in comparison, England’s largest lake, Lake Windermere, would be minuscule in size, nothing more […]


Friday Flashback – Wolf Pup

Flashback is back! To help get us through the winter months and to keep two posts a week coming in I thought I’d bring some memories back for some and a delve through the archives […]