The Spoilt Cub

I had never seen a mum swimming with a cub on her back before last year (see Surfing), but this year I was fortunate to see this mum swimming a channel with her cub on […]


Young Salmon Eater

Here’s a young grizzly bear, not yet three years old, looking up as he finishes off a salmon that he had managed to catch a little while earlier. For bears this age, they are well […]



Here’s a hardy flower I found growing facing the setting sun on a tiny rocky outcrop off a small island close to Dixon Entrance, on the northern BC coast. Harebells (Campanula rotundifolia) are also know […]


Greater Yellowlegs

I don’t know why, but I always enjoy seeing these large members of the sandpiper family and their cousins the Lesser Yellowlegs when I’m out and about around our coastal estuaries. Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) […]


Humpback Surprise

Orca weren’t the only surprise visitors to the Khutzeymateen back in August (see ‘Surprise Visitors’), we also had a visit from a humpback whale on a couple of occasions too. Unlike the orca, the whales […]


Nap Time

Here we have some more sleeping bears – this time a grizzly bear mom and her two tiny cubs of the year, photographed taking a nap one afternoon back in July. We have already featured […]


Surprise Visitors

We had surprise visitors in the Khutzeymateen one day back towards the end of August – a small pod of transient orca or to some killer whales, came in and checked out the area. These […]


Beach Walker

One of Little Momma’s weaned grizzly bear cubs photographed earlier this year. He was accompanied for a walk along the beach by his sister, they were out looking for clams once again on the low […]


Hairy Woodpecker

Here’s a resident of some of our local woods here on Vancouver Island (and, with some regional differences, across other parts of Canada too) – the Hairy Woodpecker (Dryobates villosus). I often see these guys […]


The Monarch

Remember the ‘Little Prince’ post from back in July? Well this is his mom, often referred to here on this blog as the Queen of the Khutzeymateen and in this shot it’s as if she […]


How Heavy?

I’m often asked about the weight and sizes of grizzly bears. This image of a courting couple, taken in the spring this year, is a good example of the size comparison between adult males and […]


Black Bears on the Decline?

This year has certainly been a slow one for black bears whilst out on my travels. I only saw my first one(s) of the year here on Vancouver Island last weekend – whilst driving home […]