Springtime Mom and Cubs

Here’s a springtime shot taken here on the BC coast during the one day photo tour to Knight Inlet back in June 2016 and it features a well known mother grizzly bear and her new […]


Sword Fern

This spectacular looking side-lit shot of a fern was taken late one afternoon on a late summers day a couple of years back here on the BC coast. I had spotted the fern growing on […]


Resident Orca Pod – A30s

Here’s a pod of Northern Resident Orca photographed here on the BC coast a while back – known as the A30s. This group have appeared here on the blog a couple of times and are […]


Start of Another Good Day

Although we had a lot of rain (see also Rainy Day at the Beach) in the Khutzeymateen last year, we also had some pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets (see also Coastal Sunrise and The Year of […]


A Rainy Day at the Beach

It was a very wet and rainy season last year in the Khutzeymateen. This particular day was no exception and with a look as if to say his day couldn’t get any worse, a rather […]


White Stump Bear

Feel like celebrating? Then climb to the top of the world, (or at least an old tree stump) and shout about it! With her three cubs feeding on sedge close by this mother grizzly bear […]


International Bear Day

Today is International Bear Day, an ideal day to celebrate grizzlies (and other bears) worldwide – Enjoy!


Stop The Hunt Week – 2018

Over the past few years this has been our ‘Stop the Hunt’ week – a campaign to help raise awareness to the plight of grizzly bears here in British Columbia. Fortunately now, this mother grizzly […]


Orca – One on One

An unanswered question I’ve often wondered myself and a question I’ve been asked often before is ‘do transient orca attack resident orca?’ Well, that question still goes unanswered, but reports came out earlier this month […]


Common Red Paintbrush

Found throughout British Columbia, Common Red Paintbrush (Castillija miniata) is an attractive red bloom found from coastal gravel bars to mountain meadows and many roadsides in between. A semi-parasitic member of the figwort family, paintbrush […]


All Grown Up!

It’s always nice and rewarding to see the same bears year after year and being able to watch them grow and mature. But, not all the bears in the Khutzeymateen grizzly bear sanctuary on the  […]



Here’s something we haven’t featured for a while – a humpback whale enjoying the waters off Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. I managed to capture this ‘postcard’ shot of a whale welcoming you to Maui […]