The throes of winter are fighting hard to stick around in Newfoundland right now, but slowly and surely it is being beaten back. Part of the arsenal of getting over winter is the expectation and […]



Several people have asked me about or for elephant pictures since before I went away, so here’s a little teaser to be getting on with. This little guy was a character and thought to be […]


Lioness Portrait

We came across several different lion prides throughout our trip and here we see a nice tight portrait of a female sitting high in a tree overlooking her surroundings, just starting to wake up from […]


Pilot Whales 2

My recent field trip to Africa and Europe included a visit to Tenerife in the Canary Islands and this enabled me to get out on the water and see my first whales of the year […]


Blue Monkey

Whilst in Tanzania we only across some of these little guys (they stand about half a metre tall) on our first day in Arusha NP. Although he may appear a ‘greeny-grey’ colour in this light, […]


Giraffe Mum and Calf

I came across this Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) mum and calf in an area known as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, right at the Southern end of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This young calf is […]


Lion on a Plinth

A young male lion (Panthera leo) keeps a watchful eye whilst others rest, notice there is also one sleeping inside the hollowed out log. We were fortunate to watch these guys for quite some time […]


Freya on the Rocks

There are still lots of photos still to come from here at home too and here’s a shot of one of my old favourite young grizzly bears that I used to see frequently along the […]


Long-crested Eagle

As well as a whole menagerie of animals such as Monday’s cheetah, my trip to Tanzania also produced a plethora of colourful and spectacular birds, the majority of which I’d not seen or in some […]


Resting Cheetah

I’m just back from a field trip out to Tanzania in Africa – with a couple of stops in Europe along the way – so there are lots of new subjects and images to come […]


Eagle in Cedar

We haven’t seen an eagle on here for a while, but this one stood out whilst looking through some shots recently. Now photography aficionados will tell you this is a ‘messy’ photograph, not worthy of […]


The Forest Awakes

It may have been the 30th June, but in the Khutzeymateen the overnight temperatures can still get pretty low and stay that way until late in the morning. Taken around 0645 this ethereal looking shot […]