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Harp Seal

Here we see a young Harp Seal (Pagophilus groenlandicus) out on an ice floe relaxing in the winter sun. Harp seals are not related to the similar looking fur seals of the Antarctic or Pacific […]


Come On Kids

Remember the post ‘A Momma’s Look’ from early in November? Well, here’s the other end of the mother grizzly, but now she has the whole family back close by and is taking them farther along […]



The Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola) is a member of the ‘tanager’ family of birds that is found throughout the Caribbean and parts of South America. This colourful bird is very similar in appearance to the ‘Great […]


Safety Check

Even when you’re one of the biggest black bears on a coastal river system and especially when it’s salmon season, you still have to be wary and continuously check your surroundings for safety. This large […]


Momma Fox

Back in the spring I had a couple of visits with a nearby red fox family and managed to get a few shots of dad (see Tricoloured Fox) and two of the three known kits […]


The Green Comma

The Green Coma (Polygonia faunus) is a colourful ‘anglewing’ butterfly that resides most commonly amongst North American boreal forest clearings and treed grasslands. They can be easily spotted between March and September on woodland trails, […]


This Way Mum

Here we see a yearling grizzly bear cub leading his mum around the Khutzeymateen estuary. He certainly was much more self assured in his second season down on the estuary compared to the previous year […]


Regal Eagle

We haven’t seen one of these guys for a while, but with a look through the archives, I came across this very regal looking young bald eagle who is pretty close to maturing and seems […]


Woodland Jumping Mouse

The Woodland jumping mouse (napaeozapus insignis) can be found across Eastern Canada and has amazingly powerful back feet, which, along with their exceptionally long tail (can be up to 15cm long), enables them to jump […]


A Momma’s Look

How about this for a look? This was the glance a mother grizzly bear gave us whilst she and her cubs were out digging for clams at low tide on a rocky British Columbia beach. […]


The Beast From The Fog

Stories of creatures and beasts emerging from the fog and mist seem to abound in folklore and legend since the beginning of time. It is a strong combination that is rife throughout literature not least […]


Dark-eyed Junco 2

I’ve featured ‘Dark-eyed Junco’s’ before, but they were very much West coast variants with their strong black heads, brown backs and white chests. These shots are of the ‘Slate-coloured’ variant of Dark-eyed Junco found on […]