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Puffin Den

It’s been a winter of expectation waiting for these guys to turn up, but finally this week I got to see one, the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) at it’s Newfoundland nesting site. This particular puffin […]


Common Murre 2

I’ve published a Common Murre from the western seaboard here before, but due to the expression on the birds face, I  just couldn’t resist publishing this handsome devil, a shot I took recently at a […]


Springtime Fox

Here’s a couple of shots from a few years back of a beautiful black morph red fox. This isn’t the same fox as we met in ‘Black Vixen’, but that post is a good article […]


Osprey Treat – An Update

At the end of May last year I published ‘Osprey Treat’ – the news of an osprey nest in the St John’s area of Newfoundland that also had a live webcam set up on it. […]


Young Patch

This is a young sub-adult grizzly bear we named ‘Patch’ due to a thick clump of long dark fur that was always present on his back left leg. It didn’t matter how short his spring/summer […]


Long-tailed Duck

I came across this amazing colourful little sea duck for the first time last week in a small harbour on Newfoundland’s Bonavista peninsula. The Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) nests in the high arctic and this […]


Flower Moon

Today will mark the fifth full moon of the year and this shot was a May full moon taken a couple of years back. May full moons are often known as a ‘Flower Moon’ – […]


Star Gazing

Here’s one of our grizzly bear favourites from the Khutzeymateen, Star – seen here gazing out from her daybed amongst the bushes. As well as the inquisitive, yet low profile of Star in this shot, […]


Pigeon Guillemot

These impressive looking black seabirds with white wing patches are members of the auk family that are found in NorthPacific coastal waters from California up, around the Aleutians and down to Japan. If you ever […]


Salmon Surfing…

…Bald eagle style! Not a springtime shot, but one I thought you’d like to see nonetheless. This immature bald eagle, whilst blending in so well with its background, had managed to catch itself a pink […]



Nai’a is the Hawaiian name for these spectacular showboaters the Spinner Dolphin. I came across a pod whilst out on a boat trip on a visit to Maui a few years back and when they […]


Bear Buddies

Here we see a couple of good buddy bears that we’ve seen a few times – Junior and JJ. During their formative, sub-adult years these two bears, although not siblings were often seen hanging out […]