It’s Been A Whale Of A Season

I’ve managed to spend quite a bit of time working out on the water this summer and I have been fortunate to see a lot of whale activity amongst other things. Now it’s not that easy to get something completely new given the limited window into their lives we get from the surface of the water, but here are a few shots from this season. We have a nice humpback whale fluke in the top shot taken off the east coast of Newfoundland as the humpback whale was diving. Then next up are the dorsal fins of mum and calf humpbacks, whilst for comparison down below we have a couple of minke whale shots. You rarely see much more of the minkes than the arched back and dorsal fin, so it was nice to be able to get a brief sighting of the head too, other marine mammal sightings included a brief encounter with a couple of orca and a few distant glimpses of some dolphin. More shots from this season can be seen here – Whales.

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