Friday Flashback – Going For Lunch

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 28th October 2016 and is entitled ‘Going For Lunch’. The last flashback for a while – my thanks once again for the comments and support. As well as giving a good insight to the early life of grizzly bear cubs, this post also refers to an old favourite print, Going For Breakfast, a copy of which still sits on our dinning room wall, along with that of many others.

Original Text: “A few years ago I published a popular print entitled ‘Going for Breakfast‘, which featured a morning shot of three young grizzly bear cubs leading mom along a beach here on the BC coast. Now, we have a follow up to this with the new issue print ‘Going For Lunch’! This image, taken earlier this year, features a mother grizzly leading her three young cubs along a rocky shoreline early one afternoon. Many people seem surprised when they see images of mother grizzlies with three cubs and whilst two is the average, they can have up to four cubs at a time. On average, only about 50 percent of newborn cubs make it through the first year and of the remainder, only 50 percent again will make it to maturity.

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