A Lotta’ Otter

Pardon the slang, but it suited best as I couldn’t decide which of these three shots to bring you, so I added them all! This young river otter hung out in a nearby pond from late spring and throughout the summer. If I just sat and watched for a while I could spot him playing and position myself close to the rocks. Sure enough, pretty soon he’d make his way over and pop out on the rocks and adjacent shoreline for a sniff around or just to briefly rest in the sun. If I pushed my luck and got too close to the rocks he would stay out in the water bobbing up and down as if to say “you’re too close”. Occasionally he would dive down and swim around a bit, before popping back up to see if I was still around. I would use these brief disappearances to move myself farther back so he felt safer and I could continue to observe him.

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