Friday Flashback – What Do You See?

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 19th August 2016 and is entitled ‘What Do You See?’. Not necessarily a ‘hang on the wall’ type shot – but a fond story of a chocolate bar and a nice reminder that you’re often not alone when you’re out in the forest, even if you think you are!

Original Text: “When I first opened this old file recently, my eyes had to do a double take to ascertain why I had actually kept it. So, on first glance, what do you see? Quite often when I’m out in the bush observing wildlife I often find myself wondering, who is watching whom. A closer inspection of the image and I was able to identify the perfectly camouflaged young coastal wolf watching me through the bush. I think he could actually smell a chocolate bar I had just opened as I walked along the trail and he stuck his nose out to smell the air. But I was too eager and with a couple of clicks from the camera he turned and fled without showing himself fully.

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