The Breakfast Twins

It’s hard to believe that getting on for ten years ago now I was fortunate to be able to rent a cabin in the Alaska bush for a week. I ended up being there on my own as a friend of mine was unable to make it at the last moment. From the cabin there was a well worn trail to a bear feeding area over looking some falls. Here the US Forest Service had a well established bear viewing facility with a viewing platform, a few rangers and ‘day-trippers’ were able to come in to view the bears from 10 – 6 daily. For the first two or three days of my visit I would pass these two recently weaned grizzly bear siblings hiding out in the bush away from all the big bears on the river. I would walk down the trail and suddenly a pair of heads would pop up from behind whichever log they were sleeping at the time. I would bid them good morning and then keep on walking by – after all it was their back yard I was in, not mine!

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