Goshawk Portrait

I was sat at my desk working on some images one day last week when some movement caught my eye outside the window. Looking out I spotted this immature northern goshawk searching around in the plants. Moving slowly I grabbed my nearby camera and tried to steal a couple of ‘hopeful’ shots through the glass. This tight portrait was about the best given the circumstances, but I knew I’d get nothing if I tried to go outside. Suddenly a dark speck rocketed out from amongst the plants and the young raptor shot off like a bullet after it. He’d managed to flush out a song sparrow which must have been what caught his attention in the first place.  The smaller bird hid in some bushes nearby and the goshawk searched once again for it. But its search was in vain and it soon left with empty talons – unsuccessful on this occasion. (See also – Northern Goshawk)

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