Friday Flashback – Hummingbird Chick

Today’s Friday Flashback is from May 26th 2014 and is entitled ‘Hummingbird Chick‘. Featuring a tiny rufous hummingbird about to take its first flight – a shot taken exactly seven years ago this coming week.

Original text: “Here is a young Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) photographed one morning last week about to leave the nest for the first time – following its sibling that had flown a little while earlier in the day. Their camouflaged  nest was about the size of a tennis ball with the top cut off and was sitting at elbow height on a branch and hanging over the trail, but despite this it was so small I only spotted it on my third time past. The two tiny birds, as small as my thumb in length were wedged in tightly when I first saw them the day before and they had been well fed by their mother swooping in back and forth to deliver small insects and grubs to her youngsters. Only weighing around 0.6 grams at birth, these small birds will swell to be grand heavyweights of around three grams when fully grown. Having a bouquet of these guys around in the garden is always a pleasure to see and certainly entertaining!

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