Friday Flashback – Eagle with Toothache!

Today’s Friday Flashback is from June 20th 2014 and is entitled ‘Eagle with Toothache!‘ I can’t believe it’s seven years since I saw this guy, I remember this day out near ‘Eagle Heaven‘ as if it was only last week. It was good to see this old guy again, I hadn’t looked at the shots from that day for a while.

Original text: “Ok, eagles don’t have teeth, but if they did, this guy’s certainly would be hurting  right now. I was able to get out on the water earlier this week and was able to spend some time watching the eagles on the BC coast at Arran Rapids – they were waiting for the fish to surface on the rising tide. This one came in pretty close over head, but I didn’t spot that half his lower jaw was missing until I looked at the shots later.

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