Red Crossbill

Today we have another ‘double-header’ for you in the form of the beautifully coloured male and female Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra). These dazzling finches with a unique mandible built for splitting pine cones, usually spend their time high in the tops of the conifer trees of the forests here on the BC coast. But occasionally they do come down to earth here at sea level for a drink of water or when food at altitude is limited and usually it’s mob handed when they do. That’s what happened when I came across these two – a small flock of 8 to 10 birds came down and landed in a cherry tree in our garden. We rarely see them and they certainly didn’t stay around very long, but luckily I had my camera to hand when they did and I was able to catch a couple of shots. Both the male, a two-tone red colour, and the female a two-tone green/yellow colour measure around 14 to 15cm in size.

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