Friday Flashback – Maui Backflip

Today’s Friday Flashback is from February 21st 2014 and is entitled ‘Maui Backflip‘. We haven’t seen one of these guys since last August when we had a humpback breach from right here in BC, so I thought it’d be nice to ‘pop over’ to Maui again to revisit this one!

Original text: “I have a fascination with humpback whales and both my wife and I love watching them whenever we can. Each year over the winter, many of the northern Pacific humpback population head to the warmer waters of Hawaii and Mexico and it only seems natural to follow them whenever we can, (which isn’t very often!) So I thought I’d get my return off with a bang and nothing is more exciting when watching these spectacular leviathans than when they breach out of the water close by. This breaching humpback whale landed on it’s back and it is thought that one of the reasons they spin around and land on their backs when they breach is to help protect internal organs from the impact of hitting the surface of the water.  More from the recent Maui field trip will be shown over coming weeks. Previous and upcoming images of Maui wildlife and its surroundings can be seen in the Maui gallery.

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