Friday Flashback – Lupines

Today’s Friday Flashback is from February 3rd 2014 and is entitled ‘Lupines‘. Pretty flowers commonly seen throughout BC and almost everyone seems to stop to enjoy them when they see them. But did you know there are thought to be close to 200 different varieties of ‘lupine’ worldwide?

Original Text: “Here is a springtime shot from the Khutzeymateen Valley of ‘Nootka Lupines’ (Lupinus nootkatensis) – a herbaceous member of the pea family that can grow to around 1 metre high with leaves up to 6 cm in length. In the spring and early summer you can often find a variety of lupines in many of the inlets and waterways along BC’s spectacular coast. To the naked eye they provide a pleasant colourful bloom, but out of sight they help to feed and fertilize the shoreside soils, whilst the roots of this particular plant are also loved by grizzly bears.

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