Friday Flashback – Sleepy Grizzlies

Today’s Friday Flashback is a double header from January 13th 2014 and is entitled ‘Sleepy Grizzlies‘ – A couple of shots from a pretty special watershed just over the border from British Columbia in SE Alaska and certainly a memorable encounter.

Original Text: “Here’s a shot from back in the summer of a female grizzly bear and her two cubs enjoying a siesta one lunchtime.  I had been walking along a forest trail when I spotted the sleepy trio about 30 yards away in a day bed under a bush adjacent to the trail.  I called out ‘hey bear’ as I didn’t want to startle them if I made a noise during my retreat and, as seen here, mom just lifted her head, gave me a quick glance and then went back to her snooze.  One of the cubs was a little more inquisitive and stuck it’s head out (below), before deciding to rejoin it’s mom & sibling sleeping off brunch.

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