Friday Flashback – Mountain Goats

Today’s Friday Flashback is from April 4th 2014 and is entitled ‘Mountain Goats‘. Always seem to be scruffy looking characters, but nevertheless quite intriguing and often only seen as tiny white dots high on a mountainside.

Original text: ‘When you see a Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus) teetering on a mountain precipice it can make your knees quiver just wondering how on earth can they manage to climb and balance on such a steep, almost sheer cliff face. They can in fact balance and even turn around on a piece of mountain real estate no bigger than a paperback book and as can be seen here, they learn to traverse their rugged habitat from very young. Although the terrain in which they live is most often their main protection from predators, it is also their biggest killer – avalanches, mud slides and rock falls can often wipe out an unsuspecting mountain goat in one foul swoop. But this in turn provides food for other wildlife such as bears, which have been seen digging goats out of snow and ice slides in the spring. (See also Mountain Goat)

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