Friday Flashback – Crown of Gulls

Today’s Friday Flashback is from April 21st 2014 and is entitled ‘Crown of Gulls‘ – a little ‘messy’ but a shot that has become an art card favourite amongst many.

Original text: “Here is a yearling grizzly bear cub sitting eating salmon in the shallows of an estuary in the Great Bear Rainforest, here on the BC Coast. I took this shot back in 2011 and just loved the way the gulls appeared around the young bear’s head like a crown. Mom was close by and it was good to see her, she was a bear I’d first seen three years earlier and she had had another cub with her then. It is always good to see and recognise the wildlife whenever I get to return to these locations around the coast and hopefully I’ll be back to check out this remote area once again this summer. More grizzly bears can be seen in the Grizzlies gallery.

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