Friday Flashback – Red Breasted Nuthatch

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 28th 2014 and is entitled ‘Red Breasted Nuthatch‘. A stunning little visitor you can see in your garden here on the BC coast, especially right now with food hard to find if you have feeders out.

Original text: “Here is a little bird that is a year round resident here on the BC coast but one that I only got to see for the first time this past week.  I was walking through some woods close to home when I spotted two or three of these little guys flitting around on the tree branches close by and instantly new I had finally seen my first ‘nuthatch’.  A Red Breasted Nuthatch (Sitta canadensis) to give it it’s full name – a striking slate grey blue on top and a rusty red breast beneath. Only a tiny bird around 10cm or so, it often stretches itself to look longer and sleeker rather than the little ball of feathers you see here and I was surprised to see such a long and sharp looking beak on this tiny bird, but it is clearly well suited for it’s favourite foods – nuts, seeds, spiders, insects & larvae and when there are plenty to be found it will use that bill to wedge and hide food under the bark of trees for later.

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