Ravens Anting!

Here on the blog I’ve shared some of the interesting facts and stories I’ve learnt over the years about these wily and clever birds, such as how they communicate with wolves in ‘Listening to Raven‘ and how they can be vocal and chatty when I encountered one whilst out photographing grizzly bears one day, (see Raven). A couple of years back we looked at some of their centuries old myths and legends in the ‘Morrighan‘ – but just recently I read an article that told of how, as a special ‘treat’, they like to partake in a little known act known as ‘anting’. These big black birds will roll around in ant hills, crush and eat the tiny ants and as the formic acid is flowing from the crushed ants they like to rub them in to their bodies like a spa treatment! Anyone care to give it a try?

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