The Dextrous Bandit

Back in the spring my wife and I kept finding the rocks at the bottom of the fence by our gate either pushed forward into the property or pulled out away from the fence and each morning, we would put the rock back in place, and the next night it would be moved again. We couldn’t figure out what was doing it – a cat wouldn’t have the strength or dexterity, but could easily jump or climb over the fence anyhow. A dog wouldn’t have the dexterity either and small wild critters wouldn’t have the strength. Deer and certainly adult bears would be too big, plus bears and racoons could easily climb over no problem anyhow. So we were puzzled and I decided to set up a trail cam just to figure out what our mysterious late night visitor was.

So here is the clip from the trail cam of our dextrous bandit – click ‘play’ to see who our visitor was. He really must have been just too lazy to climb over the fence in order to pay a visit to our garden and no doubt check out the plum tree to see if the plums were ripe for picking. I was really amazed at his ingenuity and this didn’t happen just once, but several times over a couple of weeks. Just great!

Merry Christmas & we’ll be back in the New Year.

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