BC Wolves Need You – An Update

In October last year I featured a post ‘BC Wolves Need You‘, about the travesty that is happening within the borders of British Columbia and before this year closes, I wanted to issue an update. Whilst other events around the globe at this time have swung world attention away from the planet’s wildlife, not everyone has stopped in their advocacy of trying to protect others that have as much right to call this planet home as we do. The slaughter of our wolves continues and therefore Pacific Wild’s war of words with both Provincial and Federal governments over the treatment of the provinces wildlife also continues. To that end, the BC government will soon be having to account for its actions in court – they will have to answer to the people of this province for their reasons for wasting millions of tax payers dollars and justify the unnecessary killing of over 1,000 wolves. You can learn much more about this vital issue at these links – Wolf Cull in Court & Save BC Wolves.

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