Waiting For Breakfast

Dog lovers everywhere will recognize the look on this eaglets face as he watches his father prepare a fish for breakfast. I managed to return to a favourite nest site here on the BC coast recently and found the regular adult inhabitants had only had one egg this year. Last year they successfully reared two chicks (see Eagle Family Portrait), but this year they only had the one and it was a few weeks later than usual. So the chick you see here is only 28 days old (I have a friend who has monitored this nest site for the last 12 years) and is only about 1 week on from the chicks seen last year. It was a good day with the eagles but not a lot was happening, now the chick is a bit older the parents leave the nest for a little longer, but are always close by and the male bird still likes to perch above the nest to keep a watchful eye of all that is going on (see Treetop Eagle).

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