Natural Art

Legends of ghosts and ghouls lurking in and around the forests of the world are renowned and have been represented in many art forms for centuries and here we see a representation by mother nature herself. I came across this ‘natural carving’ peaking out from around a tree in a local forest here on the be BC coast. To me it has a likeness to the Frankenstein monster played by Boris Karloff, but others may see it differently, if at all.

I often see artistic impressions and interpretations like this as I make my way around the wilderness looking for wildlife. Quite often it is very much in the eyes of the beholder – not everyone sees it or notices it straight away. I’ve featured some here before, ‘Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest’ for example and today’s is one that for some reason I just can’t help stopping and looking at every time I pass it by. Stand or lean back, focus on the image and hopefully you can ‘see it’ too!

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