Wolf Watching

Here we see a coastal grey wolf watching what was going on by a coastal river system to see if he could get in and do some fishing. I’ve heard many tales from people recently about how they suddenly found a wolf quite happily sitting and watching their comings and goings whilst working in the bush, but as soon as their attention was turned to the canine it would get up and leave. They are a very clever and family orientated species and a vital part of the eco-system, but sadly this BC government and their side-kicks don’t care about that and continue with the work set up by the previous government (I always said ‘they’re all just the same’) and are decimating wolf populations of the interior of the province. They claim to be trying to save woodland caribou populations, they’ve been trying for five years, but hey guess what, woodland caribou need forest lands to live in. They still haven’t figured that bit out and continue to give out logging permits and recreational use permits in the very habitat these caribou need to survive. Then they blame the wolves for the loss of the caribou. Why? Because they use the logging roads to get around – bloody hypocrites all of them. Last week a report came out which highlighted that the government plan to increase the killing areas and also shows how the government go about this slaughter and it’s a practice I’ve mentioned before, one which was denied to be taking place by some – the use of a so-called ‘judas’ wolf (see Wolf Looks Up). The government not only stresses out the wolf in the first place by catching and collaring it, but they then kill its family right in front of it. But they leave the collared wolf untouched to go and find other wolves, only to see them killed right in front of it too. When I contacted the premiers office about this I got no response and when I contacted his side-kick Andrew Weaver (BC Greens!) I got a pre-recorded (instant) response that effectively said we don’t care (or between the lines – I’ve got to do what John says or I can’t stick around) – all the same. Tell them your thoughts on the wolf slaughter and help get it stopped – premier@bc.gov.ca.

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