What A Great Surprise!

Whilst out on a boat west of Prince Rupert one day, we spotted a load of different sea birds, including rhinoceros auklets and various gulls having a field day on a ‘bait ball’ – a gathering together of small fish in the water. We made our way over, but the feeding frenzy soon stopped and the birds had started to disperse by the time we got there, but to our total surprise, there amongst the gathering, all on it’s own was this Horned Puffin (Fratercula corniculata) in an area well outside of it’s normal range. These birds are only found in a few remote spots on the BC coast, primarily over by Haida Gwaii, but they are found farther north on the Alaska coast. What this bird was doing here (other than feeding of course) was not known, but we were sure grateful to have seen it.

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