Redcap Mountain

High in the coastal mountains of the northern British Columbia coast, overlooking the Khutzeymateen Valley with great majesty, is Redcap Mountain, (not to be confused with Redcap Mountain, Alberta). I have seen and photographed this mountain from afar in various weather painted guises and many people have admired and photographed it over the years. It stands at 1727 metres (5666 feet) high and is more affectionately known, throughout the bear season at least, by its more colloquial name of Khutzeymateen Mountain after the area it keeps a fatherly looking eye over. It has a sharp peak which means it still stood high and proud throughout the ice age that shaped and formed much of the BC coast and some years it never totally loses the blanket of snow that seems to greet me every spring when I arrive. See also Khutzeymateen Sunrise.

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