Khutz Star Seen Again!

For those who occasionally ask for a regular update of an old favourite, here’s some news. Other than a ‘possible’ from someone else’s photograph, I didn’t have a confirmed sighting of Star at all last year. After the traumatic events of 2017 (see Sleep Well Little Bear) which saw her lose her first set of three cubs in 48 hours, I admit I was more than a little concerned about her. But I’ve just seen a photograph from a colleague who visited the Khutzeymateen last month and sure enough it’s our Star and she looks absolutely superb. What was effectively a year off from the front lines in the Khutzeymateen has served her well and she now looks a beautiful adult bear in her prime – she’ll be eight years old this year. From what I heard, she had no new cubs with her and judging from the photo I saw, she still likes to pose and show off for the boats too. I am relieved she’s back and looking so good. This is one of my last shots of her from the fall of 2017, playing gently with the flies.

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