He Sticks Like Glue!

Here’s a shot of a grizzly bear mum (Queen of the Khutz) and her yearling cub just waking up one day in June last year. The cub is affectionately known by some as ‘velcro’ because he sticks so close to mum. However, the fact the cub sticks to mum so well and maybe why the mum makes him stick so close to her is not so well known by many. This little guy is the sole survivor of five cubs this mum has had in the last five years. She had two new cubs in 2015 and lost one of them, she lost the second a year later. In 2017 she returned with three more, Velcro and his siblings – she lost two of them that same summer. Throughout 2017 and 2018 they were harassed, followed and chased almost continuously by one particular dominant male that was keen on mating with her, or at the very least doing away with the previous dominant males’ offspring. But hopefully and if reports are correct from my contacts, this mum and cub have made it through together to this spring (as of 1st June) and any day now, if she hasn’t already, she will be weaning the little guy and sending him on his way to make it in the world alone – good luck to him, he’ll need it!

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