Eagle Family Portrait

I’ve often said ‘I could spend all day watching eagles’ and on a recent field trip I got to do just that. I spent a day sitting on a cliff top here on the BC coast watching the comings and goings at a bald eagle nest site. I’d been to the site several years ago but hadn’t been back since hearing of it being wrecked a second time by storms (see Eagle Family Breakfast). Here in this ‘family portrait’ you can see the momma eagle and her two chicks in the nest. The chicks have manoeuvred themselves to gain a little shade from the sun using the small branches above and mom has also positioned herself to help give the eaglets additional shade. Throughout the day she sat protecting the chicks from the sun’s rays and only left to go and get some food from time to time to feed to the youngsters. When she left, dad would swoop in and sit on guard on a snag positioned above the nest. Although it looks close here, the nest was well protected and was actually 70 metres from the cliff edge and about 40 metres high from the rocky beach below.

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