Black Vixen

I came across this beautiful looking black coloured red fox vixen on my recent fox field trip and was amazed at how thick her tail, known as a ‘brush’ was. Foxes will use their brush to help insulate against the cold whilst resting, but whilst I was with them, it seemed more of a plaything for her young kits. Red foxes are known to exist in three colourations – red, black and silver and there are even some other different marked sub-species around the world with colloquial names, but in the end they are all ‘red foxes’. They should not be confused with the grey fox, which is shorter in appearance and in the face, with tighter/shorter guard hairs and are in fact mostly related to the red fox in name only. If you ever find yourself unsure, grey foxes have black tipped tails whilst reds have a white tipped brush!

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