Arch Enemies

Eagles and crows certainly have a ‘love/hate’ relationship. I’ve often seen crows harassing their much larger foe for nothing more than flying past them in a tree. Crows will also raid any unattended eggs left in an eagle’s nest (and other birds too) given the slightest opportunity and they will of course move in pretty quick if the chance of some free food presents itself if an eagle leaves something it’s been eating behind. But I’ve also seen them sitting and tolerating each other with no problems whatsoever, usually whilst waiting for a an opportunity to feed. On other occasions I’ve seen eagles exact swift justice too, for example one time I saw an eagle fly over the top of a pair of crows sitting on a rock, and I would swear the crows gave a visible sigh of relief as the eagle went by, only for the eagle in a flash to swing back round and nail one of the crows to the rock it was sat on.

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