Queen of Pack Creek


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This beautiful looking grizzly bear was very much the senior female we saw on a visit to Pack Creek on Admiralty Island in SE Alaska recently. She had two young cubs of the year with her and was constantly on alert to all other bears moving around in the estuary that day. I was able to grab this picture of her as she came to a stop whilst running her cubs away from one of her previous cubs from a couple of generations before. She ran across the creek and up on to a bank just in front of us then came to a sudden stop allowing us to grab some shots whilst she assessed the situation and then diverted her run around the side of us. In this picture she reminds me of a male lion with her dark thick mane, the start of her winter coat and much lighter coloured body, being the remnants of her summer coat. I head off back into the bush now, but will post updates from the field as and when I can, so stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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