Snowy Owl

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Around this time last year I took a visit to Boundary Bay on the Southern tip of the BC coast to see if I could spot some visiting Snowy Owls (Nyctea scandiaca).  I decided to go over again last week to see what I could see.  The snowy owls were there, fewer than last year and a lot harder to spot.  Fortunately, one decided he was going to take his siesta in view of the trail and as the day wore on he even turned a little to pose for photographs.  I always think it’s pretty amazing to see the owls twist and turn their heads 180 degrees.  If we did that of course we’d choke ourselves or break our necks, but owls have 14 vertebrae (instead of our 7) in their necks which are one of the things that allows them to turn their heads this way.

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