Marine Wildlife Tour


Come and join me to photograph the marine wildlife of BC’s magnificent coast.

This year’s tour will be on

Friday 12th August 2016 – Sold Out!

Thanks to all that made it on previous tours – Some great days on the water with orca, seals, sea-lions, black bears, fishing eagles,
some great scenery and a fabulous wild rapids ride!

“This is a great day – Steve I was on last year’s trip and would like to go on this one, sign me up” – Garry, Comox

The Route
Your photo tour will depart from Campbell River at 8.30am and will head north by bus to Sayward where we will board our boat for the tour. Leaving from Sayward will put us straight out in to Johnstone Strait, which at this time of year is one of the prime locations for finding the Northern Resident orca pods. Depending on weather and wildlife reports we will either head further north towards the Robson Bight Reserve or we will turn south and head into one of several inlets that are popular with the orca.

The Wildlife
There is no guarantee of what we might see, but July & August are a prime time of year with salmon arriving daily at the mouths of the region’s rivers. Possible wildlife that we may/hope to encounter includes orcahumpback whalesharbour seals, sealions, white-sided dolphin, harbour porpoise, dall’s porpoiseeagles and possibly even bears along the shoreline, as well of course there is also the spectacular coastal scenery that can only be seen from the water.

The Boat
Our boat for the day is a fully enclosed Eaglecraft vessel or ‘crew boat’ with an ideally suited raised open working deck at the rear and above the main cabin. Side-rail and forecastle viewing/working is also possible and there is all round vision from within the cabin. The boat has seating for 30 (but our tour is limited to 20 to allow for space to work) and a washroom is available inside the spacious heated cabin.

Additional Info
This is not just a whale watching trip, but will be an all day photo event out on the water and being a private group we can focus our activity on our photography, not on trying to find as much different wildlife as possible.  If you have a specific photography request of something that you would like to work on or towards, please do let me know.  The boat will be ours to do as we please for the day, so if something is spotted elsewhere and we want to go and check it out we can.

The aim is for the tour to return to Campbell River by 3.30pm.  Only water and light snacks are available on the boat, so you are advised to bring any food you feel you might need for the day, sandwiches, drinks etc. with you.

  • The total cost for this seven hour adventure will only be $175 (Including Tax) per person.

Use the Paypal button below to pay by credit card (no Paypal account necessary) or email me to arrange alternative payment options.

The Small Print

The full itinerary for the day may change from the route listed and will be dependent on the weather, tides and wildlife.  Please note that whilst every practical and safe effort will be made to find and photograph marine wildlife, they are wild animals and their attendance can not be 100% guaranteed.

Cancellation policy:  Due to the short notice of the tour, all bookings are final.  If your seat can be resold anytime before departure a full refund, (minus CC costs) will be given.  (A standby list will be kept in event of excess bookings).

Due to the nature of operating in ocean wilderness areas, tours may be modified or cancelled. The tour operator reserves the right to cancel any expedition for adverse weather, mechanical or logistical problems, or unforeseen circumstances which may impede trip operations or safety. Should this occur, a full refund will apply if your tour cannot be rescheduled.

Please be aware this tour involves traveling on and working from boats, if you are not comfortable traveling by boat or working from a boat this tour is not recommended for you.  Should you suffer from sea-sickness and require medication, it is strongly recommended that you take your medication as recommended on the packaging – this could even be the evening before the tour, not immediately prior to departure.

As sea conditions can not always be relied upon, this tour is not recommended for very young children, people with neck or back problems, who are pregnant or persons with osteoporosis.

If you feel you need it, it is recommended that you purchase your own sickness, cancellation and/or equipment insurance.  

Neither Steve Williamson Photography and all associated therewith nor the boat tour operator can be held responsible for any personal injury, damage or loss of equipment or cancellation of third party travel that is beyond their control.  Nor can they be held responsible or liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death, damage, loss or delay of baggage or property, or delay, inconvenience, loss of employment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, caused by any act of omission or negligence. Nor are they responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for the trip (i.e. travel costs, non-refundable air tickets etc.) The tour itinerary is a general guideline of what can be expected on the photo-tour, but it is not a contract. Factors such as weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, medical emergencies, natural disasters or other uncontrollable circumstances can alter your trip.

For all tours, full safety orientation and equipment briefings will be given and the tour operator will require that each client signs an Assumption of Risk Agreement before embarking on the tour.

By signing up for this tour you agree to these terms & conditions.