Salmon Supper

Continuing with another shot of Junior, the young grizzly bear from Monday’s post, here he is again back in early September. This time I found him in a creek searching round for salmon and he […]


Junior in the Rain

Here’s Junior sitting, relaxing in the rain right at the start of the season in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary back in early May. Junior is the son of the matriarch bear – Big Momma and […]


A One Legged Heron?

  Here is a shot of a Great Blue Heron, taken on a cold, blustery autumnal day here on the BC coast. The bird does of course have two legs, but has one tucked up […]


Eating in the Bath

I came across this adult male grizzly bear back in the summer looking as if he’s been caught eating in the bath tub. Here he is standing on his hind legs and is eating the […]


June is in the Air!

Figuratively speaking, June is in the air! That is, June in the new 2018 wildlife calendar ‘A Wild Year‘ – which features this shot of a fish carrying bald eagle. Around late August and early September […]


Are You Coming?

I came across this large male grizzly bear here on the BC coast back in May. He certainly looks in good condition – recently out of his winter den he is getting ready for the […]


Black Bear on the Beach

Here on the BC coast a lot of people are reporting seeing black bears in their yards and gardens at this time of year – often they’re in search of fruit fallen from trees. This […]


Sleep Well Little Bear

This is one of the images that really struck a chord in the Khutzeymateen this year – a young mother grizzly bear with one of her tiny, undersize looking cubs of the year fast asleep […]


Friday Flashback – Deer Mouse

Today’s Friday Flashback (the last flash back for this summer) is from 24th December 2012 – my last post of that year and features a tiny deer mouse photographed the previous spring. Deer Mouse “Here […]


Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

As I make my way around the BC coast, especially at low tide I always keep an eye out (and my head tilted to one side) for something unexpected to leap out at me. I […]


Friday Flashback – Fall in Northern BC

Today’s Friday Flashback is from September 20th 2012 – and features a spectacular golden river scene that I came across whilst out on the road that year and a warning of chilly nights ahead! Fall […]


Yoga Bear

This is a favourite bear and one I have photographed many times over the last six years, one affectionately known as ‘Star’. Here, looking totally relaxed, she sits in a pose reminiscent of a yoga […]