Battle Scars

Here’s a shot from June last year of an adult male grizzly bear in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast. By late May testosterone levels in the males start to rise […]


California Scrub-Jay

Here’s another shot from a couple of years back – the California Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica) which I came across in Pinnacles National Monument in, (you guessed it) California. I was attracted by the electric blue […]


Offering A Prayer

I’ve not had the opportunity to visit any spirit bear locations for a couple of years now, but recently I’ve been working through some archives and came across this shot of a bear standing in […]


Seal Reflection

I thought we’d kick off 2019 with an animal that for some reason didn’t feature at all during 2018, which was a bit of surprise considering how many I see of them. Here we see […]


A Santa Story

The Fly Agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria) known as a ‘psychoactive’ mushroom that used to be used in some form ritualistically throughout Europe and Asia. It is thought to have entered North America via Alaska and […]


Fishing Grizzly

A few years back I was stood with some friends on a creek in northern British Columbia watching a pair of sub-adult sibling grizzly bears fishing for sockeye salmon. Their frantic attempts of chasing around […]


Red-crested Cardinal

I got this shot a few years back whilst in Maui photographing humpback whales. Red-crested Cardinals (Paroaria coronata) are a colourful, pretty bird that were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands back in the late 1920s […]


In Step

Here are two yearling grizzly bear cubs photographed in the fall of last year looking good walking along the beach totally in step together. These two little bears were out looking for salmon and having […]


Mule Deer

  Found from the Arctic to Mexico, this large deer (males can weigh in at over 95kg) is also known as a black-tailed deer in some parts, but should not be confused with its smaller […]


The Queen and the Fly

Originally from Asia and Europe and deemed an invasive species in BC, the herbal plant ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ (Daucus carota) is common in many coastal meadows and inlets throughout British Columbia and is also known […]


Boatswain Bird

The Red-billed Tropicbird (Phaethon aethereus), a pelagic seabird photographed in the Caribbean Ocean last year. Little is known of this species, but it is known to be the largest of three species of tropicbird, this […]


Looking Coy

Here’s a photo taken a couple of years back of a young male grizzly bear looking rather coy. He had been living a year on his own since his weaning from his mum, but very […]