Spotted Touch-me-not

Here’s a plant I photographed recently in a forest on Prince Edward Island. This ‘Lady Slipper’ looking plant is actually commonly known as ‘Spotted Touch-me-not’ (Impatiens capensis) but is equally well known across North America […]


The Lookout

Here is a grizzly bear cub of the year seen on the BC coast keeping lookout whilst its mum and sibling are searching the bushes behind for berries. Taken in early August, it was right […]


Clams For Lunch

As a wildlife photographer an added bonus is watching my subjects acting naturally in their natural environment and watching this guy with his lunch was a special treat. Often sea otters will surface from the […]


A Couple of Squabbles

If you’ve ever heard a bunch of gulls going off at each other then you can probably understand why one of the collective names for a group of gulls is a ‘Squabble’. Here we have […]


The Breakfast Twins

It’s hard to believe that getting on for ten years ago now I was fortunate to be able to rent a cabin in the Alaska bush for a week. I ended up being there on […]


A Snowy Looks Up

Here’s a shot of a snowy owl taken one winter on the BC coast as it looks up at another owl flying overhead. I learnt an interesting fact about owls recently, in that an owl’s […]


Smoked Salmon…

…Or old salmon? On fist sight, this young grizzly bear, photographed on a creek on the interior of BC a while back, could certainly look as if he’d got himself a nice looking piece of […]


Rocky the Racoon

How can you not love a face like that? This was a racoon I spotted one evening sneaking through the garden and was quite surprised when I saw it’s right eye. From afar it seemed […]


The Red Postman

Red Postman (Heliconius erato) are one of the most commonly found butterflies in Mexico (where this shot came from) and Central/South America. I found this guy in a glade and gardens on the edge of […]


Grizzly Watching

We’d been stood at the end of a trail on the BC coast watching this female grizzly bear fishing and feeding for quite some time. She would catch a salmon or dig out a carcass […]


Southern Elephant Seal

I came across this moulting Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina) in South Georgia – thought to be the home of the most dense mating colony in the world. This is only a young male, but […]


Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Here’s an attractive small bird only found on the Pacific coast from Alaska down to mid-California – the Chestnut-backed Chickadee (Poecile rufescens). It is also the only species of chickadee found on Vancouver Island. Similar […]