Exciting Time of Year

Mid to late June is often an exciting and yet worrying time of year in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary on the northern BC coast. It’s exciting because this is the time the moms with […]


Dolphin Rostrum

Whilst out on the water recently we had a visit from a large pod of Pacific White-sided dolphins. I just managed to get a quick shot of this guy as he came up alongside the […]



I first came across, or at least acknowledged the existence of the Common Storksbill (Erodium cicutarium) whilst out on the moors on my field trip with the fox mums and kits back in the spring. […]


Salmon Supper 2

For those who remember ‘Salmon Supper‘ from a couple of years back, here’s another shot from that series featuring Junior playing with his supper in a creek in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, here on […]


Fox Kits at Play

One of the things I love to watch when I’m out in the bush with wildlife is the youngsters, the newborns of that particular year playing and enjoying their first few weeks of life. When […]


Bumble Bee

Surprisingly there are 32 different varieties or sub-species of bumble bee in British Columbia and I came across this one, a Tricoloured Bumble Bee (Bobus ternarius), feeding around a bunch of asters here on the […]



As if frozen in time by the camera – with water dripping from her fur, a mother grizzly bear emerges from the river in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, here on the BC coast. She […]


Swainson’s Thrush

Here’s a new species to the SWP Blog and one that many have heard, but may never have managed to see. A summer visitor to the forests of the BC coast, the Swainson’s Thrush (Catharus […]


Berry Month

July is berry month for all bears here on the BC coast! As the sedge starts to harden and become less nutritious, bears start to look for other food sources to keep them going until […]


‘Wow, She Looks a Little Skinny!’

This is a statement I hear quite often when people are viewing early spring images of grizzly bears, especially shots of moms and cubs. Most people expect to see grizzly bears looking big, all muscle […]


Eagle Heaven

To an eagle lover like me this special location on the BC coast can easily be renamed ‘Eagle Heaven’. I don’t know if you can appreciate from this shot alone the number of eagles that […]


An Old Favourite – A New Look

A favourite print with many is the image of two resting juvenile grizzly bears called ‘Sleepy Sisters’ and here’s another shot recently published from the series of photographs taken on that particular day. This photo […]