Sleeping Momma

Here’s a momma grizzly bear trying to catch forty winks beside a river, on one of her favourite pillows – a rock. Her cubs were still wandering around eating grass, but unconcerned by our presence, […]


Spirit With A Bloody Nose

Here’s a shot I took a few years back of a spirit  bear chasing salmon in a river system in the Great Bear Rainforest, here on the BC coast. The bear had clearly had some […]


Yellowstone Elk

I spotted this impressive looking 6:6 male Rocky Mountain Elk in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) during a visit in February last year. The most common ungulate and largest mammal in YNP, elk spend most of […]


Piggyback Grizzlies

Remember ‘Surfing – Grizzly Cub Style’ and ‘Sleep Well Little Bear’? Well, here’s the same little grizzly bear cub again hanging out in his favourite spot, on his mom’s back. Here, they had just got […]


A Stunning Blond

Remember the post from 13 October – ‘Big Momma’s Family Portrait’? That shot of Big Momma’s family group was taken back in June, whilst today’s image is from mid-August and features the shy little blond […]



No Hollywood like makeup or special effects here, but with Halloween coming tomorrow, I thought I’d bring you this genuine, living (so to speak) zombie of the BC coast. After they spawn, salmon can live […]


Sentries on Guard

Here’s another shot from earlier in the spring here on the BC coast. I was slowly passing this group of mergansers and was totally surprised when they stood up and parted to find this blue-winged […]


Billy Big Guy

I spotted this BIG male grizzly bear back in the early spring here along the BC coast and as you can see he’s still wearing the remnants of his winter coat. I had seen him […]


Wait For Me!

Quite often when a mother grizzly bear has a number of cubs (she can have up to four) one of them is a little more self confident than the others, especially in their second year. […]


Shaggy Mane

Fall is a great time of year for photographing fungi – a favourite food of many of the smaller critters I photograph and I love getting out and finding different fungi growing in our local […]


Big Momma – Family Portrait

Here is a shot from June this year and features Big Momma with her two yearling cubs – posing nicely for a family portrait. If you remember from the post earlier in the month Junior in […]


Cliff-face Coyote

As the snow starts to drop again a coyote makes his way along a sandstone ledge in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Although he blends in extremely well with his environment, I managed to spot him […]