An Ear-full of Waxwings

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across an ‘ear-full’ of Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) for the first time in the Khutzeymateen Valley earlier this year. I had never seen them there before, which isn’t […]


The Next Generation

For those who remember the print/blog ‘Thanks Mum’ featuring a grizzly bear cub of the year appearing to kiss his mom and the subsequent posts of the little guy (Who’s Coming and Resting Mum & […]


Watchful Mink

Mink, or to give it it’s full title ‘American Mink’ (Mustela Vison) are found throughout British Columbia and even most of North America with only a couple of exceptions. These fast moving mid-sized members of […]


Little Prince

For those who remember ‘Update on the Queen‘ and ‘Lunch on the Mud‘ from earlier in the year, well this is one of those tiny grizzly bear cubs one year later. Sadly he is the […]


Canine Princess

I spotted this young female grey wolf earlier this year whilst she was making her way along a beach at low tide here on the BC coast. She was quite a pretty wolf and was […]


The Grizzly Bear Strut

I’d been watching this young grizzly bear for a while when he decided to change feeding areas and crossed the small channel between grassy knolls. Here he is just emerging from the water and is […]


Log Shake

Day one of the season and one of my first sightings of the year was this young grizzly bear being chased by a bigger bear, a more dominant bear in the area. The bear doing […]


Always Learning

I’m just back from a long stint back in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary here on the BC coast. It’s been a pretty good season so far with many old favourites and a few new […]


Old Man’s Beard

Old man’s beard is one of several colloquial names for the pendant lichen ‘Usnea longissima’ that is found along the Pacific seaboard, particularly here on the BC coast. Mostly found in coniferous forests it resembles […]


Friday Flashback – Vancouver Island Marmot

Today’s Friday Flashback is from March 8th 2013 entitled ‘Vancouver Island Marmot’ and features this rarely seen small critter. Original text – “The extremely rare Vancouver Island Marmot (Marmots vancouverensis), funnily enough is only found […]


Low Flying Bufflehead

As with many species of birds the female Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola) bares little resemblance and is much less flamboyant than the male of the species. Seen here seconds after take off on a sheltered inlet […]


Friday Flashback – Orca Breach

Today’s Friday Flashback is from August 5th 2013 entitled ‘Orca Breach’ – Another orca flashback and this one gives a big hint at one of the best times to go whale watching on northern Vancouver […]