Quick To Learn

Do you remember the print ‘Thanks Mum’ from a couple of years ago? Well this is the little cub from that image early last spring. His mum had weaned him only days before, but he was already wily to the ways of survival. During the late summer of his first year he was attacked by a dominant male and we were unsure if he’d even survived that attack. Now, living life all alone, without the protection and companionship of his mom, he has quickly caught on that if you see another bear in the distance, ‘RUN’. That is what he is doing in this shot here, another sub-adult bear had appeared out of the bushes on the other side of the river to him, but he was taking no chances and bolted for the trees – just in case. As the season wore on he got to know many of the other bears and calmed down a little and we would often see him in the company of several similar aged bears, all hanging out and playing together, including the one he ran from on this occasion.

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