Kingfisher on a Stump

Whenever I see a Belted Kingfisher, I instantly see a photographic challenge. As I’ve said before (see Belted Kingfisher), they have got to be one of the hardest birds to photograph here on the BC coast, but it’s always a treat to see them. This female – the females have the additional dark brown banding or ‘belt’ around the lower chest, was sat on a stump as I went by in small boat. To my surprise she didn’t fly away immediately, as per the norm, but gave us this cursory glance first and then bolted for the next water overhang to continue her fishing mission, looking out for an unsuspecting fish to swim by. Belted kingfisher are year round residents along the BC coast and their numbers can swell during winter months as their inland cousins head to the ocean to find unfrozen fishing grounds.

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