It seems as though the raven has been the source of myth and legend throughout the world for eternity. In the UK the story told is that should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London then the fortress would fall down. As a consequence, the British taxpayers still pay for the upkeep, health and wellbeing of a bazaar of ravens in the tower today. In Celtic mythology the raven was known as the ‘Morrighan’ or goddess of battle and war and it was she who would determine your fate on the battlefield. So it is no surprise that the raven always seems to be treated with curiosity and wonder when one is seen, especially if one knows the additional stories of it’s cunning, trickery and skill. Here on the BC coast is no exception and local First Nations have many stories of raven such as how he stole the moon, gave light to man and how ravens and wolves converse in the search for food. (Listening to Raven)

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