Friday Flashback – Pacific Treefrog

I’m back in the bush, so the last of this year’s ‘Friday Flashbacks’ from 2012 will be featured here for the next few Friday’s and as always, Monday’s post will feature a new image to the website. Today’s Friday Flashback is from August 6th 2012 and as these little guys are just starting to get vocal again in our garden for this year I thought it might be a relevant image to show you once again.

Pacific Treefrog

“We were sat out on our patio one evening when we started to hear the ‘ribbit-ribbit’ of a frog and a little searching around revealed this little guy sticking his head out between the slats of  a deck chair stored against the wall of the house. The Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla), also called the Pacific chorus frog, is quite common on the BC coast and this one was about the size of my left thumb, around 4.5 cm. Common foods around gardens for these tiny frogs include flies, bugs and slugs, however the treefrog does have to be wary – the invasive ‘bullfrog’ along with certain birds & mammals are predators of these little guys .”

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