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A Winter’s Jay


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Here is a Steller’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) searching around in the snow for food. These birds range up and down the BC coast and will often gather in a large ‘party’ at this time of year and raid garden bird feeders – from where they will take food off & stash it for later.

Hardworking Black Bear Cub


Here is a shot from this year’s summer road trip showing a young black bear cub hard at work pulling the remains of a salmon carcass from the river. He is on the look-out to make sure no other bear is going to come along and pinch his prize as he hauls it away up the rocks.

Deer Fawn

Deer-FawnWith winter approaching fast I thought I’d have a look back to spring time and nothing seems to represent spring in the animal world more than a new born. I spotted this young Columbian Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) and his mother here on the BC coast a while back and was surprised how inquisitive he was rather than running at the first sight of us.  Weighing around 2 – 4kg at birth this little fawn could hope for an 8 to 10 year life under perfect conditions, but, due to hunting, predation and starvation, 50 – 75% of deer fawns don’t make it to adulthood.

Some Thoughts for Owls


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Here is a Short-eared owl taken earlier this year swooping in to catch itself a small rodent here on the BC coast.  Recently I’ve heard some concerning stories affecting owls, especially at this time of year, so I thought I would share them here to try and help raise awareness to their plight.  One story involved an owl found close to death and taken to a nearby  rescue centre. Sadly the owl died and the cause of his death… poison!  Not poison directly administered to him, but given third hand via a mouse. This is of course the time of year when mice head for nice warm spots, often in people’s sheds, garages and homes. If you have a mouse problem, wherever possible please do not leave poison for them as this can inadvertently kill owls and other critters that might feed on them, even pet cats.

The second story I heard was something I had never even considered before and this involved an owl killed on a road down in the US. A young lady driving home one evening struck a low flying owl trying to catch a small rodent close to the road. The rodent was feeding on an apple core thrown from a passing vehicle!  Most people think of apples and other fruit etc. to be bio degradable so think nothing of ejecting them from their vehicles as they travel along the highway – but many do not think of the consequences of that action, well the owl that young lady hit can certainly testify to the outcome!

More owls can be seen in the Owl Gallery

Dolphin Race


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Here is a shot from the summer of some Pacific White-sided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) racing alongside the boat.  Every time I go out on the water I always say to myself “I’m not going to photograph the dolphin”, but there is just something magical about them and the show they put on that I always end up shooting several frames of them to add to the many hundreds of other dolphin shots I already have. I just love seeing them and they always seem so intent on ‘getting to the front’ when they come leaping and splashing through the wake from the boat that you just have to photograph them as they go by.

Forlorn Bear


Here is one of my older but favourite ‘mood’ shots from a couple of years ago – featuring a very forlorn and tired looking grizzly bear. It was taken around late September and the bear had been searching amongst the sunken spawned out salmon carcasses for the remains of any protein, but he really looked like it was all just too much effort. More shots of him and other grizzlies can be seen in the grizzlies gallery.

No Captive Orca!


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Yesterday, (see Digital Journal) I learnt for the first time that as a promotional money making gimmick for the forthcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has captured two young orca from the wild and put them in a tank for the paying public to come and gawp at. I for one am disgusted by this and will be boycotting all and anything to do with the winter olympics whilst these animals remain in captivity, this includes not watching the coverage on TV from any broadcaster, including CBC & CTV, who should not show their support for this by paying for coverage rights.  Personally, I feel the Canadian team should withdraw from these games in protest to these events and the failure of the Sochi Olympic Committee to adhere to the the IOC’s very own environmental rules and regulations, which state the games should be held “with the preservation of the natural environment in mind”.  The IOC should be doing their upmost to enforce these rules and bring pressure to bear on the organizers of these games.  I’ve added my voice to a campaign to let the IOC know how I feel about this scandalous practice by the Sochi people and anyone who supports this, you can add your voice too –  Olympic Orca Petition